Mounting Unit Design, Procurement and Production

Client Project: Telstra CDMA Mobile Phone System


  • mounting unit design


Project Detail:

In 2004, when Telstra launched the CDMA mobile phone system, Complete Wiring Harnesses was commissioned to design, procure and produce a mounting unit that could hold the radio units required to transmit the signal. Over two thousand mounting racks were produced, which incorporated:

  • Power supply units with protection,
  • A wiring harness, and
  • A kit containing all parts required for installation, which provided a turnkey solution for the installers.

A modified version of these units is now used for the 3G telephone system, supplied by Complete Wiring Harnesses.


CWH were always professional in their attitude, were able to double production when required and there was never an issue with their product.

Des Eckford -