Recreational Surface Supply Diving Set

Client: Powerdive Australia


  • recreational surface supply diving set


Project Details:

Powerdive Australia asked us to manufacture cable sets with the framework of being in contact with saltwater and the need to have a reliable long term usage. We worked in conjunction with our suppliers to custom make a cable to meet the harsh environment of marine use while meeting Australian and International Standards. This enabled us to also print the company name on the cabling as an extra. We specified high quality connectors, switches and components which we knew would have long life under the conditions. High quality work is required to ensure the reliable working of the sets for long term use.


PowerDive has been doing business with Complete Wiring Harnesses since 2004. Complete Wiring Harnesses has worked closely with PowerDive in the developing stages of our products to help determine and source the best electrical components to use within our product range, then pre assembling these items ready for our manufacturing team to install. This business relationship saves my company time in manufacturing and quality control. We also no longer have to buy components in bulk, which helps with cash flow and storage.

Aaron Hawke - Director, PowerDive

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