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Complete Wiring for Industry

Complete Wiring develops cable solutions for a wide spectrum of companies and industries. Because we specialise in custom cabling and wiring systems, our team has been involved in many new innovations and large and small projects, from cable sets for locomotives and marine wiring systems, to highly-specialised prototype applications.

Examples of our work with different industries includes:

  • Recreational Sports – designing and manufacturing a special cable for a recreational diving company that makes Surface Supply Breathing Systems. The cable we designed and manufactured was to an exacting standard to handle the harsh conditions found in marine environments.
  • Aluminium Smelter Project – we codesigned and manufactured high spec units for marshalling boxes and communications cable to perform in harsh environments. As much equipment was reused as possible while having a “hot swap out” of multiple control systems to lessen the impact of production.
  • Remote Communications Sites – manufacturing and capturing all necessary data to ensure consistent production of control panels for solar powered sites and incorporated communications.
  • Industrial Machinery – manufacture of a complete wiring harness for a crane submerged during the 2011 Brisbane floods. This complex project required a copy of the existing harness as no drawings were available for reference.
  • Transport industry – developing custom cable sets for locomotive units used in the mining sector in Western Australia and designing and supplying harness sets to an after-market accessories producer for Power Take Off units in heavy transport, load cranes and lighting looms.

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