Quality and Certification

ISO9001 – Quality Assured Cable Manufacturer

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Complete Wiring is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Organisation, certified by Compliance Australia Certification Services.

Our products are made to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies. This is regarded as the highest industry standard.

We take great pride in the quality of the work we produce, and therefore offer a quality guarantee. If you come across a faulty item, we will fix or replace the faulty item at no cost to you.

How We Maintain Our Quality

To ensure that every cable solution we produce meets our quality standards, every new order we receive follows our Controlled Quality System.

Our Quality Control System

Step 1: Quoting
We provide you with a quote based on your design or sketches, technical drawings or prototypes. We work with you to ensure the best fit for the cable, connectors and anything required to complete the job.

Step 2: Acceptance
On Acceptance of our quote, we can accept your order by email, fax, by hand or post.

Step 3: First Critical Check Point
On receipt of your order, we check that all the details are consistent with our quote. Drawings are then produced for your approval and documented on our register. We call this our first Critical Check Point.

Step 4: Order Acknowledgement
Our administration team will issue you with an Order Acknowledgement which includes:

  • Part Number and Description/Specification
  • Pricing and Sales Order Number
  • Your Details and Our Details
  • Purchase Order Details
  • Anticipated Shipping Date
  • Delivery Address and Contact
  • Payment Details

Step 5: Second Critical Check Point 
At this point we’ll produce the paperwork in preparation for manufacture. This documentation details all the important dates and timeframes, as well as the full list of materials and the activities required to manufacture your order. We’ll use this paperwork in conjunction with the Technical Drawings to begin your cable and wiring manufacture.

The worksheet has the same number as the Sales Order Number from your Order Acknowledgment. The Production Manager checks this paperwork against the drawings, then schedules the job and approves it for production. This is the second Critical Check Point.

Step 6: Manufacture and Third Critical Check Point
This is when the job is kitted and production begins. The critical sections for Quality are the details we require from our team. We track each step required to manufacture your products and record when and by whom it was done. Full tracking is carried out and we call this our third Critical Check Point.

Step 7: Fourth Critical Check Point
Once the job is underway, Quality Check points are carried out as listed in the paperwork. Testing is done at the job’s completion as defined and recorded. This is our fourth Critical Check Point.

Step 8: Quality Approval
Every item is checked for conformity. We make our cables to IPC/WHMA-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies. This is regarded as the highest industry standard.

Step 9: Despatch
The order is despatched as per your instructions, and you receive the order.

Testing with CableEye Tester

Testing is carried out as defined by the activities list by trained operators using continuity testers, an insulation tester or the computer controlled CableEye Tester. The results are noted as required.

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