Why Choose Us

Why Choose Complete Wiring

With decades of experience operating in an innovative, solutions-based environment, Complete Wiring knows how to create the best cabling products and solutions. Combined with excellent customer service and quality assurance, we guarantee the best results and outcomes for your projects. Every cable and wiring product we manufacture here in Australia meets the highest specifications and quality standards – and we support that promise with 100% unit checks.

Working With Us – Large and Small Projects

Whether you have a large-scale need or require small batch sizes, we have all the skills and resources to assist your business with the full scope of your project. We have many years’ experience working with clients to develop advanced cable and wiring solutions, prototype wiring assemblies, wiring harnesses and more, so we’re skilled and ready to assist with anything new coming our way.

Tailored for equipment and machinery used in specific environmental situations, our custom wiring and harnesses can help to reduce the costs and downtime for equipment maintenance and replacing components and wiring when things go wrong.

We Understand You

We understand that every project has unique needs, so our process is built around your requirements, from design and selection, to manufacture and testing. Our team know what you’re looking for in a quality cabling solution and we ensure everything is exactly right before you take delivery of your product.

A Fully Qualified and Experienced Team

Our team is everything and we understand that a happy team delivers better results for you. You will be working with a team of fully trained and qualified custom cable manufacturing specialists. Each of our team members completes a Cert III Manufacturing qualification and undergoes extensive in-house training in the correct use of tools and quality control. Find out more About Us.

Quality and Certification

We give our customers the highest level of personalised service and the highest quality products. Every product we make undergoes 100% Unit Checks. When you work with us, you have the peace of mind that each item is subjected to rigorous quality testing and controls.

Competitive Manufacturing and Services

You will receive competitive cost-effective manufacturing and services, supported by a dedicated technical team.

Quick Turnaround Time

Complete Wiring offers a quick turnaround time from quoting to delivery. We do this by carrying a large amount of stock to ensure we can make your products in the timeframe you need. Generally lead times can be as low as two weeks for prototyping (based on items being in stock) to four to five weeks for production runs.

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“They have always been most helpful and resourceful in coming up with new and innovative ideas to provide us with a solution. Nothing is ever too small or large that they could not handle with their usual efficiency.”